Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Balls and Roller Skating.

The millet has been ordered. Well 20 pounds of it has been order and will be here tuesday. I have several cut outs of the balls at the ready. I have been sewing them a few at a time as I sit around watching the tele. So when I do have the millet I should be able to stuff the balls and have a few sets ready to go for next friday's juggling group.

After letting everyone in a couple of juggling groups play with the round balls. They like the size and the only complaint with the sawdust off the wood pellets and they angular ends. So the millet should solve all our problems with the balls.

I will keep you posted on this thing.

Also the Roller Skating at Eden Park starts thursday. This is a great little fundraiser for a local college fund. You would not think clowns are into education. Actually you would be right for the most part. Heck Tri-Rivers Clown Alley threw out a bunch of people who wanted to teach juggling. Anyway Steel City Clown Brigade is all about education. We tutor kids and help raise money for educating them.

Well  our contribution to this outing is showing up and doing balloon animals. In future I will post the times and cost of these events. So if you are in the South Hill may want to stop by for this one.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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