Sunday, February 03, 2013

When did Netflix become awesome??

I am not a bus booster for god and services on this blog. Frankly if people want my endorsement they should pay me. I have much more substance than a Kardashian just no one cares what I think. Perhapse, no one listens to them either.

I am watching House of Cards on the Netflix. This is seven kinds of awesome. I am up to the fourth episode. Also it is a bunch of episodes at once. Now this is the way to watch a new series. Always Kevin Spacy plays a great Southern Gentleman.

The cast is great and almost everything is very believable about the show. I mean a Republican Mayor of Pittsburgh, well everyone gets to make a mistake. The other unbelievable thing is that there is a congressman as smart as Underwood. Spacy plays him so well that you want so much to believe there is a Congressman that smart and that underhanded.

You have to love when an American Business is on the ropes and then swings for the fence to save themselves. I hope this works out for them. On a personal note the image on the netflix page is very disturbing. I am sure that is what they are going for. Sitting int he Lincoln Memorial Chair with bloody hands is grim. The American Flag in distress is down right wrong. If a right wing nut job flew their flag upside down to protest the President I would roll my eyes. In the context of this show it might be a fitting symbol. At least it is stylised flag and not a real one.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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