Friday, February 22, 2013

Blog Clog - Google still Stinks

The  battle against the Cyber Shills continues. Today there were thirty messages from folk that want free advertising on my blog. Frankly I do not have enough readers for anyone to want to advertise here. I do allow comments because once in a blue moon someone without an account will leave a message here. Also I have reconnected with a couple of friends who I had lost touch through the comment section on this thing. So I really do not want to stop receiving anonymous comments.

This, once again, is somewhere that the people of google could improve things. They could check anonymous comments and see if they have been reported as spam.I mean this is not brain surgery folks. They just do not feel like doing it. It would appear they want people flooding their users with spam.

Someday I suppose that they will annoy me enough that I finally move my blog to wordpress.

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