Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On My Way to Practice & a Brilliant Idea

On my way to practice on the mighty 54C. This happens to be my favorite bus in the world. The only thing better would be a double deck British style bus playing constant techno with a free soda fountain and wifi. If do not think that bus exists. Thus I will stick with this bus. Anyway I am off to Oakland to pick up the snack for tonight. The snack will be popcorn if you are keeping track.

My next project is to try and figure out how to get my blog to play music. I think people that people who visit here should have a random assortment of music. It would be what it is like to be in my head. I am not sure anyone wants that. Still, this is my blog and rambling is a big part of it. I think this blog should be an assault on all the senses much like my existence is. Making it smell like random cookies and pierogies and then slapping you in the back of the head will be harder.

Also if you are a person that wears 3x clothing there are somethings to avoid, like tube tops and hot pants. The thing that bothers me is the waste. Nowadays everyone is wearing pants that have thing writing on the rear end. Most of these have a single word like Juicy. This is a terrible waste. If you are a 3x person you need to have a poem by Robert Frost in forty pt. Time New Roman back there. For one it is a more effective use of space. Two you can think people are reading the poem instead of looking at you but in horror that you are wearing spandex warm up pants.

It gets even better. If you are a 4x or 5x you can publish chapter of classical literature back there. You would have to wear you pant in a certain order so that your readers will be able to keep up with the story. Still, I think it is viable sacrifice for Mark Twain. For some reason I think he would be the most abused by big people sitting on his books literally. Mark Twain literally means six feet. And if you have six feet in your back field you should be helping indoctrinate people in the classics.

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