Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Stuff

It was another fun day of sewing and other random things for the Clown Brigade. Everyone needs apparatus bags for everyone. That is the one down side of everyone getting better. The better they get the more they can juggle. The more they can juggle the more stuff they need to carry around. The more they carry around the bigger the bag they need to carry everything in.

It is a viscous cycle. Well I suppose I cannot blame them for paying attention and getting better.

There is some interesting stuff on the COAI front. Two of the young people in my group will be joining the education committee for the COAI's local chapter. They have each taught or assisted with five or six lessons so they have already been helping with the committee.

The interesting thing is that these young people do not have a vote in how the Tri Rivers Ally of the COAI does things. A couple of them realize this is unfair that they pay the same dues and cannot vote.  Also three of them have taught lessons this year when half the members locally prefer not to help with teaching new clowns. They have faith that eventually they will be treated fairly.

The rub is that the bylaws committee has been suspended for the rest of the year. So there is no chance this issue can be fixed at this point. Well it can be but it would require bringing them up in a general meeting causing chaos. Yes, talking about bylaws in our meeting causes horrible fights. This is the reason the Bylaws committee was put together in the first place.

 Also the Ally has been in bad way the last couple years. Membership is shrinking and it has been hard to find people to do shows. Also when ever something new is tried it annoys half the existing people in the ally. So we do not want to change to accommodate new people.  It is tough road to navigate. Actually it is a road that cannot be navigated. Someone must be annoyed while things get better.

On the blogging front I am trying to make an effort here. I am not really sure if anyone cares about the random junk that I am throwing up on this thing. Still, it is something to do.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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