Tuesday, April 03, 2012

More Randomw Stuff

Just a couple random things. Montverde is a company that make pens and their refills. I have these pens that I use with big padded grips on them. There was a refill that I used in them that is no longer available in my area. So I was using the Foray refills tat were not nearly as smooth and cost a buck more for two. Well I went to another stone and found these that are a dollar less. They are very smooth and if the ink holds out on them they will be new brand of pen refill.

Also I had a Quaker Steak and Lube shrimp basket recently and was really disappointed. The shrimp were all bread and the fries were just the charred ends of the potato. Now I assume i got the bottom of the bag on these two things and that is why there were so bad. Still for ten buck one expects a better meal.

I have my torches in my bag along with parafin to celebrate the anniversary of our clown brigade this evening. So goos time will be had by all tonight. I will see you all next time and maybe with some nice pictures.

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