Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Back at the Hive

After a many year absence I find myself back at the Beehive this evening. The hive as given up on it silly expansion into a three storefront bar. It is back to the single store front of my youth. The place still smells funy and the soft drinks are still over priced. I have no intention of bringing the knitting group back here The place is still lit like a dive bar. The bigs difference now is that everyone has their nose in a computer instead of a used book. I would like to think they are all on line reading the latest subversive literature. In reality they a probably playing angry birds.

Odd how some of the old faces are still around. The kids are gone. The might be still selling some beer here. For what ever reason the place is not as happy. I am not sure that i mind. It is just something that is different. They are making more food here and it smells like three kinds of terrible. It is not bad enough to make me leave but it might keep me from coming back. On some level I miss the pizza bagels and terrible egg salad. Actually the egg salad sandwiches were not that back. In face the last time I think I had one was five years ago when I was here.

The only up side is the lack of cigarettes. At least I do not think anyone is allowed to smoke in here anymore. Well I don't know. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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