Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knitting and other random stuff

The knitting group is moving along slowly. Walt and I met at the Subway at Station Square. None of the young ones were available for our first meeting. So it was just Walt and I knitting on the south side. There was knitting that was had. I stated a new long scarf with a figure 8 cast on. Thus someone else will be able to knit on it. Walt was working on an orange scarf with the Martha stitch. I think walt must know dozens of hunter that need orange scarves. I should ask him about this. I think I have personally seen him knit five or six of them. Maybe he has just been knitting the same one for the last three years. It is probably that I am thinking about this too much.

There will be pictures of the next meeting. I think we will be at the subway and with luck there will be some young folks with us. We might even mention it on the Ravelry and invite the general public.

On the writing front I have dramatically changed the first book in the series. The adding of the Yukawas makes it a different book. Several things were taken out and I get them all back to the Ganterian Empire a wee bit latter than I had in the first draft. One thing that always bothered me about the first draft was the the Ganterian were so helpful. I am adding some political problems within the Empire to make that situation more realistic.

It is odd because I we getting close to finished with it. Now I have two version of the same book that are very different. Well I am sure it will work out eventually. 

Oh and to the good people at blogger. The new layout annoys me. I should have the option to keep things the way they were. 

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