Thursday, March 22, 2012

Writting Stuff

I have made a decisions I think. I will make the Captains Booth and the Lost Empire's the first book in the series. It is not chronologically the first. Still, I think one can say that the story starts there. Those of you that are out there that cannot read the book or know what is in my head this does not matter. Heck i may never be able to publish the things in the first place. They may all be terrible for all i know.

Well that also means that I have not been working on the first book for the last month. This book is a pain because I have to write about the Japanese Navy. I know very little about the modern Japanse Navy. Actually it is currently the Maratine Defense Force. So not technically a Navy. In the future where the book take place it is a Navy again.

It is relatively easy to write about the American Navy. I think I know enough about it to be convincing. For the most part the customs and tradition of the United States Navy are part of American culture. In many ways the Japanese Navy is changing a great deal. At one point the thought they would have an aircraft carried was unthinkable with the modern MDF. Now they have a couple jump carriers.

The Navy that I am writing about is 150 years from now and has star ships. Will the Japanese Military be entirely past the events of the Second World War by then. Will it be a more militaristic nation then? Who know? No one can know.

This is what bothers me. Of everything in the book the least realistic thing may be the Japanese Military. Well I will have to just keep reading what I can and figure it out. The chances I can find a Japanese Sailor in Pittsburgh and have a long conversation with them is not good.

Well I am not sure how to solve this to my satisfaction.

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