Monday, March 12, 2012

Google Annoys Me Amoung Others

Every time I log into my blogger account google asks me for my mobile phone number. I am sure tey want it so they can sent me text that i do not want or need and be charged for them. In the states we are charged for receiving a text even if we do not read or open it. You would think a corporation would be sensitive to this annoyance and not sent us junk that we do not want. Also only my phone I have to use the google search engine. So I have to pay for the internet time on the phone and I have to down load their add while I do it. If my blog did not have hundreds of entries I would more them all to another blog service.

I mean why must they nickle and dime me? I can understand if they are going to give me a service and they want to charge me for it. Heck I would pay a reasonable price to use blogger without the constant begging for a little bit more information. I do not have that option to the best of my knowledge.

I do miss the old blogger without all this foolishnes.

Also it would appear no one is reading this at this time. There are no comments from people who are willing to say who they are. Still, people keep sending anonymous comments that never get posted. If no one is reading this blog why are people trying to advertise on it. I am sure you could make buck if you posted something on the yarn harlot.

Well if you are anonymous and advertising pills or something else it will not get posted here. And I am not posting anything with a link unless it is to another blog or something that I might find interesting.

Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ic.e

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