Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Green Stuff

Once again it is St Patrick's Day and my neighborhood has become ground zero from the drunks and wanna be Irish who want to be drunk. Pittsburgh Police claims they are enforcing the open bottle laws but that does not do anything to stop the regular drunk people from staggering around. I had to go out today for a church meeting.

One thing i have noticed it annoys some drunk people if you are not wearing green. According to the internet, that is never wrong, Pittsburgh is about 22 % Irish. So a fifth of the city has a right to celebrate. If you eliminate kids and the elderly you get around 12 percent of the city can celebrate. There is more than that staggering around defecating of St. Pat's memory.

Anyway I am on the bus coming back from church and someone demands to know where my green is. It told him on an old casserole in the back of my fridge. I actually do not think I own very much green stuff. It is not one of my favorite colors so I do not buy clothes that are green. Anyway back to the drunk. Someone else on the bud was sober enough to realized my comment was snarky

The guy then starts cussing up a storm he tells me his father survives the potato famine, I think he meant grandfather or great grandfather by his age. He got up and then fell down smacking his head off one of the seats as he went down. That was the first person I saw scooped up by the paramedics today. The other was at Station Square and looked like he walked into something. I did not see it but his buddies were loudly telling everyone how he was running across the street and his the metal telephone pole.

Well that is my report from the festivities. I know you were riveted.

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