Monday, January 03, 2011

Rambling on

I am still working on several knitting projects. I have a run of the mill long scarf that is being made in red heart varigated. I am not sure what it is going to be used for. Still you can never have enough long scarves sitting around. I also have a purple baby blanket that is in the making. The folks that are getting it do not kow they are getting it. On the other hand they are neither of the people that read this blog so they will not know. I will throw up a picture of it when it is finished. It is about half way done now. So there is still some work to go.

I am also hoping that the first 2011 Apparatus Bags will be done some time this week. The up side with them is that a smaller version of them has been tested with the younger members of our group. And since it has survived with them the larger version will be sound. I am hoping that this is the bag that we can all get in the next year or so. It would really be great if we all had the same bag.

Well this may not be exciting to you all. Still I am happy about it. Be safe out thee and keep your atick on the ice.

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