Saturday, January 01, 2011

Juggling Clubs

I am getting truely annoyed with the Juggling clubs of Pittsburgh. For some reason by the time they advertise where and when they will they break up. Someone just emailed me about a club that pactices in Oakland. I went to the place and time they were supposed to meet and there was no one there. When I Yahoo. juggling Pittsburgh half he links are back to this blog or the Brigade's blog. I find it hard to beleive that there is not a single group of people that are juggling in Pittsburgh.

I did read about something in the Post Gazette in Sewikly. I read about that the week end that it happened. I emailed the person who was supposedly running that and they never got back to me. There is also some kind of club that appears to be an after school activity in the middle school. So even if I wanted to trek out there strangers would probably not be welcome. It is little wonder that i cannot get some of the clown that i know to think that juggling is important. The juggling world does not appear to think that it is important.

On other front i have sent another email to the Internation Jugglers' Association. They usually do not reply to me. Well this will be the thid person that I have contacted. Well we will see how that goes.

Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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