Sunday, March 21, 2010

Musical Randomness

I have been watching a lot of Godzilla recently. As of now I have officially watched every Godzilla movie at least three times except for the American one. I saw that American one in the theaters and was not impressed. i mean enough stuff blew up. It was just not the real Godzilla.

Anyway, I still think the good people at TOHO should attack an American City. A man in a Suit going through LA would entertain me to no end. Granted LA is not as entertaining at New York being destroyed.

Anyway the one thing that i have been looking for is a good version of the Gozilla March. i have not been able to find it. there are a couple version on the youtube. Still I have not found the song itself anywhere. i wonder if there is music to it out there. I am not sure why it is important to me.

Actually music has been a preoccupation of mine for some time. Granted there are few people out that that should probably stay away from music more than me. There are just so many horrible things that I have done to music. Frankly my accodion playing is unforgivable. Perhapse if i could find someone to teach me I would be better. Unfortunately there is no one in the city of Pittsburgh that is giving accordion lessons. It is really a shame. So I have been trying to learn that on my own.

The other unspeakable thing that i am doing to music at the moment is singing in the church Choir. Extemporaneous music is something that i am truly not prepared for. Our Choir Director has been very patient with me. Sadly i do not appear to be getting it. I suppose more practive is order.

As usual this has been pointless and has been brought to you by the letter W for Waste of time. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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