Saturday, October 17, 2009

For some reason

For some reason I have saved my last six posts instead of posting them. I am not sure why i was doing that. Well I may post them. Still much of what is in them is no longer relevant.

Well the one thing that is relevant is that my wife is no longer in the hospital. She is home and doing well. She is on a couple days of bed rest. I do thank everyone that prayed for her.

The Brigade continues to plug along. We will be having our second meeting with the parent this Sunday. We will be talking about our future and where we want to go with this thing that we are doing. We have a show at the Rankin Christian Center on Halloween. It is a balloon thing with a half hour of stage time. It should be a great chance to do some stuff that we love to do.

Well it is late or early as the case may be and I just wanted to check in and actually post something.

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