Monday, June 15, 2009

The Salvation Navy Series Problems

One of the fundamental tenants of the book is that several planets are populated with people that have been rescued by the Far Star Project. They are needed for their technical knowledge or their abilities. They are saved because The Far Star Project need to be able to staff a vast fleet that will fight the time war.

One of the problems that I am now having is where do I save all of the people from. One of the assumption is that the first round of people that are saved are saved by people that have very little foreknowledge of the future. Fleet Lord Stone lives on Earth for centuries before the time wars. He has advanced medical knowledge and he saved many Humans from the plague and other biologic disasters. He even used what few advanced ships he has to save people from ship wrecks and other things.

For reason that are apparent for the story Stone shifts his operation from Europe to America when what will become the United States is being colonized. That would mean that by the time the holocaust rolled around they would not be in a position to do anything about it. The Story mention Stone taking part in the second world war. He was in the Navy so he spent his war in the Pacific.

Would that constitute a plot hole is they do not rescue victims of the holocaust? Either way I am sure I can get out of it for the first book. Still if they did rescue Jews at what time would a flag officer in the United States Navy know the holocaust was happening. How many could they rescue? I suppose these are all question I will have to answer soon.

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