Monday, June 15, 2009

Can't Keep Away

I simply cannot keep away from writing in the book. I know that I need to give it time so that it can be edited properly. Never the less I have the constant urge to write stuff in. Today I wrote two chapter both of which may not go into the current book.. Still, it is clear to me that this will be the hardest book of the series. It is the one that I will have to do all alone. If no one buy the rest of the series will remain as scraps and out lines that do not have to dealt with. If someone buys it than I will have help with next one.

I suppose that is a strange way to look at it. Still, I am not one that will put the effort into it is no one cares. It is after all an attempt to tell a story. If no one wants to read the story there is no point to writing it.

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