Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Devil Sticks

I know it has been a while. Still I have been working on the book and there has been little room for anything else.

Something interesting did happen on the clowning front today. Sergeant Wilson and Thurman have been playing around with the devil sticks. The problem is that they like everything else. So Walt and I decided to take a crack at making some.

I figured that it would take us many tries to get anything that is close to usable. So we gave it a shot.

Sergeant Wildon stopped by to help us work on the Devil stick. And they she is sanding the dowels that we made the sticks out of.

Our goal in life was to make some sloth stick, or slow spinning Devil Sticks. When we finished the first set and tried them out they spun like speed sticks. They we incredible fast and very maneuverable. The sloth sticks we were trying to make are usually very light. The sticks I prefer are the the s type the Dube company makes. They are quick but are harder to do some tricks with.

It would appear that over building them to make them tough for young people had created a fast tuning stick that has the easy trick attributed of the devil sticks that have the big end. So we appear to have created a new type of Devil stick. We decided to call them chopper sticks.

Well be safe out there and keep yousr stick on the ice. Thank you Sergeant Wilson and Walt

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