Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday Night Knitting

Long time ready of the blog will know that I am not much of a foot ball fan. I suppose I don't realy see the point. Baseball is one thing and soccer is another. But foot ball is just plain pointless. That said I am apparently the only one at my knitting group that feels that way. Even my wife likes foot. This in itself is disturbing in so many way but I digress.

One of the drawbacks of where we have our knitting group on Carson street is that most of the food in the area is fairly upscale. So grabbing a burger and taking it to the group is hard to do if you are walking around. Well after the group we were walking down Carson street because we had time before the movie we wanted to see. So we came across a restaurant called Doubleday. I least I think that is what it is called my memory for these things is sometimes shoty

By the way my wife just confirmed that it is named for Abner Doubleday. Anyway they had large televisions and very good food at reasonable prices. My wife though that we should have the monday knitting group. I know I probably don't even have to ask the people in the group if they want to do this. We did talk to the manager and he liked the idea. So the planning for this thing should fairly simple.

I will keep you posted. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Kath said...

Football and baseball both leave me cold. Basketball, soccer, and hockey I can stand watching I think because they move quickly - less stopping and starting! But in general I don't watch a sporting event unless I know someone who is playing on one of the teams.

And actually, I think if I could knit through the entire event and there was decent inexpensive food that's probably the ONLY way I'd ever go to a Monday night football gathering. But I'd still have to convince myself it would be better than knitting on my couch at home in front of the television!

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