Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apprentice Bags - 230 Pages - Cat Stuff

Once again more evidence more evidence that the newest and best cameras can have fuzzy pictures taken by me. This week we have started making bag for our Apprentice clowns. They need to be able to get their pumps, notebooks and balls back and forth from out meetings.

Some may have seen my spiffy apparatus bag that does this for my juggling kit. Since they don't have to tote clubs around they need a smaller bag.

Spread out on the Corps Air Hocky table are the cut out peices for the bags. It is basically like a regular tote bag with an extra pocket for the pump. For some reason the pumps frequently get broken if they are carried around loose in a bag. So they get their own pcoket panzies.

Here is Walt after a meeting iorn the hem on one of the bag. He did a great deal of work sewing the bags together. These bags were his first real sewing project on the machine. Please make you own biker Martha Stewart joke.

We did not have the canvas webbing for the straps. We will get to that latter. All together we are going to make ten bags. We will also be making two larger bags that are between the apparatus bags and apprentice bags.

These bags will be used by the Brigade's Chaplain and Music Sergeant. They are not jugglers so they don't need the thing with all the pockets. They just need to be able to take some note books and a Bible around with them.

By the way if you are keeping track the bags are in Salvation Army Colors. We are going to stick the Brigade Logo on it as well. Perhapse we will put the person's name on it or something like that. You never can tell. I am sure it will be something useful and helful. Or maybe we will stick with pointless and useless.

By the way here are a couple random pictures of kittens. To the left it Lydia. She was sleeping until I bothered her. Well what can you do. Cat don't pick their owners they are inflicted upon them.

The other cat pictue is Jamie on a bus. She is investigating a small child that wanted to know what was in the cage. Well you know what curiosity gets you.

Oh the book is over 220 typed pages. There are only seven or eight chapters that need to be put in at this point. That mean that someone is going to have to edit it. I will take the first crack at it. Then we will see what happens next. I have had a couple victems, I mean volunteers to do that. I feel sorry for them. So I would like everyone to say a prayer for those that have to try and figure out what I am saying. Maybe they will tell me what I mean.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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