Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Show Today

We headed out to the Homewood Corps of The Salvation Army Today. This is us before we got out make up on. Ten of use went out and nine performed. It was our first show outside. It was very interesting experience and when we have our own sound system we may do it at Steel Valley Corps.

The next picture is us during the show. Kiddo is to the left then me as the Brigadier. Leeddo is in the back and Lucy Dolittle is in front of him.

This is the scene when we are planning to shoot the ship's chef with a bazooka. It does not really have to do with preaching the word of God. Still we have to shoot the Chef so that we can do the sermon. If you the see the show it is the only thing that can be done. When you just come out and say that someone gets shot with a bazooka it does not sound right.

I have been having a hard time find the time to post to the old blog. It takes me a good while to edit what I am typing so that it is not complete drivel.

Perhapse I will go back to making video posts like I did after tha hand surgery. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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