Monday, August 20, 2012

Well here I am once again on the old blog. With the help of an internet mobile stick thing I am blogging on the bus. As always it is a magical experience. There is a guy next to me with too much cologne. We are going to called what ever smells that bad cologne. Also he is annoy I have the audacity to sit next to him. Of course he is sitting arms Folded with his legs spread to take up as much room as possible. The sad thing is he probably feels justified being rude in a public place. Well what can you do. I suppose I will be snarky on my blog about the situation. It would probably be too over the top to take a picture of the guy. Well it doesn't matter and you folks out there are not that interested.

Not that it matters but I have started playing the sim city on the facebook. Sim City with the actualy city was the only video game I have installed on my computer. I will putter around with and see what it is like. Well I am not really sure why it was important to ass this entry. Still there it is.

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