Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Scottish People Can Cook

I am not much of a cook. I am certainly not trained in any way. i have never even taken a class at a community center for fun. There is a certain cultural bias that states that Scottish People cannot cook. Well It is a nation that has spend a great deal of it's history on the verge of starvation. that sort of heritage does not lend itself to being wonderful with food.

Something else that i do not get is cooking shows. My wife loves them. I have watched a couple of them if I know they are making something that I might want to make. I have had an interest in Asian food recently. So I have been watch clips from Yang can Cook on the youtube. I think I watched Jeff Smith make shepard's pie before he was pulled off the air. That is about the extent of it.

My wife can watch these shows all day. i cannot get it. It is like she is watching Law & Order.

Anyway i was watching BBC America while typing on the computer. I was not paying very much attention when the show went off. I heard that there was a guy named Gordon Ramsey that was going to tell people how to run a resteraunt. It sounded like Ghingus Kahn was going to give therapeutic advice to Sigmund Freud. So I watch the first few minutes of the show expecting some kind of train wreck. And certainly there was a train wreck.

The thing that i was not exspecting was that I was going to find the show interesting. i mean I have no desire or care about cooking in the way these people appear to. Still there is a fascinating amount of drama and passion that goes into.

i suppose I always had the idea it was some kind of art. Certainly i can tell that a steak is better from a five star resteraunt than from a Waffle house. The things you learn when you are stumbling through.

Be safe out there and keep your stick onthe ice.

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