Thursday, February 04, 2010

Demise of the Music

The Yahoo music people have been bought or taken over by someone else. In doing this they destroyed the personal radio stations that a person could set up. This has saddened my greatly.

For anyone that listened to my radio station they may have noted that I have very strange musical tastes. Actually my musical tastes are all over the place. Everything from bag rock to jpop to classica and American Rock and Roll. Heck I even like Grand Master Flash and Norman de la Joya. I bet you never thought you would see those two names in the same sentence.

And I am with the Israel Symphony in the belief that Wagner has no place in music. I mean good greif the ring operas are seventeen hour or something like that. In addition to that he kills all the characters in the first hour and they have to come back as ghosts to haunt a new batch of character. I think it was symbolic of his audiences that off themselves before the first intermission.

Well anyway I am looking for a place when I can select songs and create a new personal radio station. If anyone know of such a place please let me know. Perhaps that is something that i need to set up. If I had a mission dollars I would set up such a web site for myself. Actually I should probably buy a building for the Church that the Clown Brigade is starting. Well anyway that is another subject.

Anywho to fill the gap at the loss of my radio station I am listening to half a dozen or so other radio stations. Replacing the link to my radio station are the links to the radio stations and shows that i am listening to at the moment. I do apologies a couple of them are a bit on the glitchy side.

One of the Links is to the Charles Graig Radio show on BBC Radio. this is a great little radio show. For the sci fi junkies out there Charles Craig was Dave Lister on Red Dwarf. In his character he is a no talent hack that has no taste in music. On the BBC he has great taste in music. The other great think about his show is that he is ahead of the curve on much of the music that he plays. Some of the music that he plays never even gets a listen in the US. Well it is wonderful stuff.

Speaking of wonderful stuff there is of course BBC 1 the perennial pop music favorite. A I recall they were among the first to have online radio service. As with Charles Craig they are ahead of the curve in the new music area. Of course they also have the inside track on British rock and roll.

I have had less luck finding jpop and jrock radio stations. There was a hardcore jrock radio station that i used to listen to. They are now J1 which claims to be pure jpop music, what ever that is. Well I added them and will be giving them a listen in the next couple weeks. I have the on at the moment and I like what I am hearing thus far. If anyone know of a real jrock station let me know.

Well if anyone knows of a place that i can start a radio station like they used to had on the Yahoo Music let me know. In the mean time I will continued my search for the perfect online radio station for me.

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Michi-chan said...

I am the director of J1 Radio formerly known as Hardcore J.

Just a quick clarification, J1 or it's predecessor Hardcore J was never a J-rock station. J1/Hardcore J has been playing Japanese pop chart music since 2001. The name "Hardcore" culminates from early days when we also operated "Anime Hardcore Radio". Hardcore J was launced to be a Japanese pop format to expand on the anime music we were playing on AHR.

If you are looking for a more harder Japanese rock format, I recommend Cure Rock Radio (

I hope this clarifies the history of J1/Hardcore J. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Michiko Ota Eyre
director, J1 Radio

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