Friday, January 08, 2010

Not much Going on

There is not much going on here. There is a ton of snow on the the ground and some more coming. I have been playing around with my play lists on this site and working on the books. The play list thing is still not working right for me. Still it has improved from when it did not work at all. As stated before I am sure that a site of this complexity takes some time to get just right. Especially since it appears that who ever is doing it on their own.

The short story that proceeds the book is doing much better than the book itself. Still I suppose that goes without saying. The shorter something is the easier it is. The first chunk of the short story is around sixty pages. I thing the dialogue in it the first chunk is just right for one of those magna novel type thing. I am still not sure of the terminology for it. Still I think that I can make the magna book in the Microsoft publisher if I give it enough time and have a decent artist.

I have drawn out profiles of the star ships on the book. I am working on a chart that will show their relative size. Once I get that finished I think i will be ready for the artist to start work on the book.

On some level I am very nervous about it. On the word filled page i have complete control over the thing. When someone else it going to illustrate it I have no control at all. I have an idea in my mind what everything should look like. The sad thing is that I do not have artistic talent to transfer it to pictures. I can paint a half way decent picture. Still for some reason I can not really make a passable line drawing. I really do not get it. Well if I want to to go forward in any way I will have tog et over it.

Well just checking in. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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