Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Forgot

I forgot that i have a Myspace page. It has been more than a year since I logged in and apparently I did not do much with it. From what I have been reading apparently most people have forgotten about the myspace. Well I have ti open now and no one has visited probably because I have not updated anything in a year.

I am debating if I should get rid of it or connect it to something else. If I could find some way to have my blogger entries go to myspace that would be nice. It would look like I was active there and I would not have to do anything else.

It has these ap gizmo that you stick onto the profile i guess. I tried to add a couple and nothing happened. I suppose I will have to try and figure it out.

The myspace was apparently very popular at one time. Friends of mine tell me that it is coming back. Well i suppose I will see. I wonder if I can link it to this page. That would kind of neat if my posts from there showed up there. Well we will see how it goes.

Something else that I have been noting is Gabreil Iglesias. He is a comic that has been around for a bit. I watched one of his specials on comedy central and i do not recall there being any swearing. I figured that was just the way comedy central does things. Well I heard some of his stuff on the youtube. Once again there was no swearing. i have to have respect for a comic that can be funny without the shock value of profanity. It is not that i find the profanity incredibly offensive. Sure there are places that it should not be. Still I feel that many comic use it as a crutch. I have managed to be funny some of the time without the f bomb. Although if I ever dropped it into a show I think it would cause heart attacks rather than the funny that many comics get from it.

Well that is it for the moment. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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