Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Working on Books and Funny Stuff

This last week has been super busy. I have decided that I am going to dedicate 20 minutes a day to writing this blog as sort of a diversion. All the other blogs I am involved in have other people that are posting stuff. So I do not feel guilty about them. Guilty is not the right word. As I ramble {like I am now} I feel bad about the people that read this. Perhaps if I ramble less I would feel better about writing this thing. Then I would have to edit and pay attention to what I am writing.

Anyway We had a Production Practice building sets for the show. We took some vids of what we did . Those will be going into the manual project for the clown brigade. I will get into the vid project when I have made a vid.

Anyway there will be stuff from the practice when it makes sense. So it might be a while.

After the practice Walk and I went back to his place and rebuilt his motorcycle shed. This took several hours. Fortunately we had my wife to make fun of us as we messed stuff up.

Anyway this is you basic Rubbermaid shed. I had no idea Rubbermaid made sheds. There are
like 5000 jokes that I could say about the Rubbermaid Shed. That fact that this thing has repeatedly fallen down in several wind storms.

Moving along we used some metal strapping and screwed the thing back together. It only took 20 minutes once we snapped it back together. It took us two hours to hammer the silly thing back together.

Well this is us happy when we finished it up.

On other subjects I have been working on several books. The sci fi book, clown manual and other writing projects. Well I have to go help fix my mother's lawn mower.

Have a good day and keep your stick on the ice.

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