Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Underground Struggle Against Nature

For far too long we have been the subjects of a tyrannically master namely natural wool yarn and it henchman hand washing. Nature in general is a bad thing. Beside the rashes illness and killer animals that roam the country side at wil,l it's products are hard to deal with.

The chemical companies of America have done a fine job making things out of oil. Not only are they easier to wash they come in a wide array of colors not found in nature. I ask you how can you embarrass nieces and nephews if you cannot make hats in neon lime green? Soft Earth tones are Unamerican. It is our duty as Americans to be loud and subject the world to our every whim. Because we are right and everyone else on the planet is wrong. And you simply cannot knit this in Earth Tones.

Remember Acrylic is your Friend


PS Blogger is not letting me put up pictures. I will add a cute picture of my cat when I can. And by the way Zoltan , my cat, has swore off natural things and exclusively eats Velveta to undermine the Nature Conspiracy.

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