Monday, April 24, 2006

I have been looking over the knitting Blogs and decided to start one of my own. It looks as if there are two things that you need for a knitting blog. The first is pictures of projects in various stages of done and pictures of a cute pet.

I am working on two baby blankets, some socks, and a knitting bag. The pink baby blanket is for the maintance guy at work, Ray, or well his grand daughter. The blue one is for my ministers the Captains Banks, well for their child. The socks and knitting bag are for me. I will put in some pictures when I get them.

About a month ago I started a knitting group on the South Side of Pittsburgh at the Bee Hive. It starts at 7:00 PM every Monday if you are interested in attending. We have a had a steady group of four or five people. Everyone is very friendly and they are willing to share their knowledge. I do not have their permission write about them so I will respect their privacy unless they say I can violate it.

When blogger lets me put up pictures I have a nice one of the pink blanket that is now finished. I also have a cat and dog that are handsome little animals to fufill the second requirement of a knitting blog. If any clowns from the R.C.C. read this it is me and you know where to email me.

This blog will be a weekly thing and I hope it will be witty and entertaining. Thank you for reading my ramble.


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