Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Big Blue Plastic Balls

Experimenting with Gillie Balls continues. One of the major issues we have with the gillie balls is that they are made of cloth. Hospitals would prefer that the balls had a plastic surface. All things we where being equal we would just juggle lacrosse balls. We did make the larger gillie balls the same weigh as them for this reason. We also have some places that will not let us juggle lacrosse balls because they think we will destroy the equipment. On an odd side not no one has said we cannot juggle clubs in a hospital room. So I am not following the logic. Still, when I run my own hospital I will make the rules until then I suppose that is where we are on that subject.

Anyway last year we tried making gillie balls out of the same plastic material we made the end of juggling batons out of. This failed miserably splitting on the seams after a week. With the success we have had making tartan balls with interfacing on the inside we are trying a plastic with cloth like material on the under side.

I made up a set of these and the first thing I notices is that there is too much room on the inside of the balls. Since we make them to weigh the same as lacross balls they are not filled by volume. So the first thing we have to do if these work is make a pattern specifically for them

Well I have tossed them around and I will take them to CMU to see what the experts them of them.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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