Friday, June 15, 2012

Writing in the voice of teen age girls is a pain in the neck. On the up side I have had some help from a couple of the young women in the clown troupe. According to them my dialog is unrealistic for teenagers and they have made some suggestions. In retrospect maybe I should have made Evangeline and Yamato boys. Still, I think there is something compelling about a girl trying to save her future husband.

Right now I am calling this book the Junior Time Lords. I hate this title more than any other title I have come up with. It fits the book but it is stupid. I have been thinking of calling it the Herald of the Last Fleet Lord. It is better title but it minimises the contribution of the other characters. Well it is something that I will have to play with. Maybe after I get it in good shape I will let the girls from the troupe read it and see what their suggestions are.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice

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