Monday, March 16, 2009

Writting on the Walls

Today at Monday knitting we did a bit more decorating. Here is a picture of me writing on the walls. We are going to write the clown brigade name on the wall along with a large version of the brigade logo.

We are going to paint the banner on the wall. We picked up some letter from a craft store. We will paint them and glue them to the wall.

The Clown Cave had become an interesting thing at our Corps. The space was neglected for so many years. When my wife and I joined the corps the space was full of junk. The walls needed painted and it did not have any type of lighting in the main room. The storage room is still in need of spackling and painting. The storage room was once the kitchen of the Quarters at the Corps. Since them the counters and equipment have been removed.

Over the last couple years the junk has been removed. The Brigade painted the walls and I put in some lighting. Now we have a television and stero in the space. We are going to install an air conditioner and the ugliest space in the Corps is now one of the most desirable.

I suppose there is a parable in there somewhere. There was a bit of knitting done. JC Thurman is working on chemo caps. She is just about finished with her first one. Sergeant Wilson almost has her riffle shuffle down. It is really hard for someone with small hands to do magic. Still she is doing it.

Walt and I have been looking into building some stage effect. This should be a nice addition to the show. I will let you know what we pick when we do.

Be saafe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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