Thursday, November 20, 2008


Do people use the label things?

When i started this blog the label thing was hard to use so I never used it. Do people realy use them. I have been going back to old posts and adding labels. I would just like to know if my efforts are silly.


Kath said...

You know, I've never used the labels on someone else's blog, but I've used them on my own to find an older post.

I suppose they are useful if for example, someone wanted to know about your clowning experiences, but they didn't particularly want to read about your cats. In my opinion cats ARE clowns, so that may not be the best example!

~Donna~ said...

I always use labels on both mine and other blogs. I started late on the whole label thing as well, so I've been going back thru mine every now and then and putting labels on them. For my own blog, it helps me look up categories that I might want to revisit to look up a particular idea I had or whatever. Very useful things, those labels.

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